Art is aesthetics. It is a quality of life, a pursuit of enlightenment and an aspiration for higher ideals. It invariably transcends cultures and becomes a bridge for a deeper understanding of all that surrounds us. Art galleries deal with visual arts. In this context, it is a refinement of what is visually pleasing or something that makes a statement for us to interpret – Art is the embodiment of a vision that makes one transcend the moment. Galleries have been in the forefront of promoting quality art in Pakistan. They have been instrumental in creating a positive impact of art and culture on not only in Pakistan but aboard as well. We at Tanzara believe in a certain aesthetic and provide a vital platform for artists with a creative vision in a global and ever-shifting world. Tanzara Gallery promotes visions which are unique to the artist and who represent the best that are on offer in the field of art. Alongside in-depth, focused solo shows, the gallery displays a wide array of high quality art- paintings, sculpture, ceramics and photography.


Tanzara Gallery was established in 2007 by Noshi Savul Qadir on a deep commitment to the concept of art in its many forms. Being an art enthusiast and a graduate of the National College of Arts, it was only natural to embark on a venture to help promote the arts in a meaningful way. Tanzara Gallery has successfully held a series of more than 70 shows and has provided a platform for many established as well as upcoming artists who are now recognized and highly collectible. The gallery in 2016 was invited to exhibit Pakistani artists work at the UN headquarters in New York.  Tanzara has had the opportunity to exhibit in China, Dubai and Bahrain. The Gallery also has had the pleasure of hosting four exhibitions of Pakistan’s renowned artist Jamil Naqsh.