Bin Qalandar


Tahir Bin Qalandar more commonly known as Bin Qalandar is a Pakistan based artist and calligraphist. He was born in 1980 in the city of Lahore. The artist gained his formal education from the famous National College of Arts in 2009 and then passed a diploma in Calligraphy in the year 2010.

The word Qalandar is a modified niche of Sufism. Since calligraphers all over the world are inspired by Sufism, Bin Qalandar’s name gives him a unique identity that makes him stand out. His name suits his work. Qalandars are known to be closer to God and Bin Qalander’s work is his way to being closer to his Creator.

His medium is acrylics on canvas with gold leaf. His special attention to detail makes his canvases unique.