Imran Ali Kazmi


Kazmi’s hyper realistic paintings take a step forward to simulate life and more, unlocking the boundaries that bind art and the illusion of reality. He is an exemplary artist who cleverly portrays realism in ways that aim at revealing rather than concealing, whilst inviting you to enter and celebrate the illusion of reality at its highest levels. His oil on canvas paintings fascinates even the most detached audience. Mirror like images are depicted, that capture life and form in essence. A moment in time, an expression or an inspired emotion. His realistic paintings conjure an evocation of vulnerability and summon an investigative response. Interpretations of the human form are remarkable and the viewer finds himself exploring every core and inch of the intricate reproduction. Technical mastery foretells a story of the figure in focus, perhaps of a girl or another tribute to a real person neither necessarily beautiful nor perfect.

The paintings display an accomplished subtlety of execution. The fluid application of paint and evocative description of light, make a captivating illusion. The artist is a skillful interpreter of color and tonality, achieving an especially sensuous modeling of skin and fabric. His mysterious female figures are skillfully adorned and bejeweled to create a romance that elevates the viewer to a heightened sense of fantasy.His paintings encourage aesthetic indulgence that provoke and captivate the viewer with their own narration of definitive and detailed renderings of life and form.


Ubaid Syed

The Midnight Sun
21 Mar – 4 Apr 2019