Nazia Ejaz

Opening Reception: December 15, 2022
Time: 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Tanzara Gallery, Islamabad
Exhibition continues until 30, December 2022. (Mon - Sat 11:30 am - 7:00 pm)

Tanzara Gallery takes pleasure in presenting once again the works of Australian/Pakistani artist Nazia Ejaz who is successfully built a niche the local and international art market.
Nazia has worked with various artistic themes exploring them in myriad new ways. This exhibition titled “Full Circle” is the continuation of the artist’s innovative reflection on the subject of Eve and beyond. In the words of the artist “…my previous work on Eve is a subject connected to so many threads within my own practice over the last decade, that it would require a much larger body of work to fully explore the ideas. Hence this body of work is my attempt to tug at those threads and allow them to lead me where they may. To see beyond the surface and look past illusions, perhaps, a trance, that brings one full circle.”
Nazia’s work is avant-garde in nature – Emphasizing on repetitive patterns and line, she successfully takes liberty in translating her thoughts into exquisite linear rhythms. Her canvases emphasize on patterns comprising of florals, silhouettes, loops, and circles allowing meandering lines to create their own magical effect. The work is imbibed with vibrant coloration and texture. The compositions are balanced and accommodated within a scheme of rhythm and flow. There prevails an atmosphere of ease and fluency bringing a soothing uplifting touch. Highlighting the painterly quality without adding any external element, Nazia successfully renders her feelings through striking patterns and textures, imbuing her canvasses with a refined sense of aesthetics.
Nazia Ejaz has numerous group and solo exhibitions to her credit in various countries including Australia, UK and Pakistan. She received her Graduate Diploma in Indian Art History at School of Asian and African Studies (SOAS) / Sotheby’s Institute UK in 1996 and is recipient of Staff Nomination Award, University of South Australia, 2015. She has a double Masters in Fine Art from The Slade School of Art, London and University of South Australia, respectively. Her work is part of various private and public collections including Clifford Chance London, UK and V&A Museum London, UK.
In keeping with its tradition of offering quality art to its patrons, Tanzara presents Nazia Ejaz’s latest work


Nazia Ejaz TG-1107

Nazia Ejaz
Oil & Gold leaf on canvas
19 x 19 in (each panel)

Nazia Ejaz TG-1105

Nazia Ejaz
Oil & Gold leaf
19 x 19 inches (each panel)

Nazia Ejaz TG-1103

Nazia Ejaz
Oil & Gold leaf on canvas
12 x 18 in (each panel)